5 PPC Mistakes That Are Eating Away Your Budget


With a Google AdWords account it is quite easy to go for paid advertising because this actually simplifies the ad creation process and makes it ideal to set up the budget for the same. With that said, creating an ad in AdWords is as simples as wasting your money. You might be spending most of your money and resources creating ads on AdWords and still fail to get enough clicks as the website fails to generate enough leads. This is a sign that you might be doing something wrong. In this piece, we are going to look at some of the PPC mistakes that are wasting your budget.


You continue to use poor-performing keywords

Most people get into the habit of adding new keywords to their landing pages as a test but fail to get rid of the poor performing keywords especially on larger accounts that are less visible. When this happens, it automatically creates a poor experience for potential customers who click on your ads and are redirected into a place where it is not really as they had expected. With this type of landing page mismatch, it results to lower conversion rates and high cost with every click.

Bidding broad

Every time you set up a marketing campaign try as much as possible not to be lazy. In every industry, there are giant keywords which automatically generate most traffic but also there are plenty of variations that are being searched. Try to put most of your attention on the “long tail keywords” because these types of keywords will help you to pay less in as far as PPC is concerned. The keywords you use need to be a close match to whatever it is that you are doing if you are looking to increase your ranking.

Fighting for the first spot

If you are paying a lot and the keyword you are targeting are broad, you may want to avoid being number one. If you can rank as third, the better because most people normally do their research before buying an item online. The risk of being number one is that you can attract visitors who might have not used the right keyword in their search.

Not being strategic with your daily budget

If say traffic to your landing page is getting cut off in the middle of the day because your AdWords budget is out, it is an indication that you could be having an issue with your volume and cost. The best way to tackle this problem is to use ad scheduling to drive traffic only when people are ready to convert.

A mismatch between your ad and your landing page

People dislike the thought of a mismatch if it exists between your ad and your landing page because once they get to your website, they’ll fell that they have been cheated hence may not convert. Try to offer your potential customers perfect message match which will act as an incentive to converting.